I well remember my first time….

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Murder Mystery that is! And all the lessons that followed.

Answering an advert in The Stage and following a two and a half hour audition at the actors centre in London, I was asked to fly to Geneva with the company to perform our event in the beautiful Hotel Royal, Evian Les Bains, on the shore of Lake Geneva. Even the beautiful scenery and infinity pool could not have prepared me for what followed…..

We were to perform to several nationalities at a corporate conference, our version of “The Blues Brothers” in a murder mystery format, with me opening the event at 9.30 in the morning singing the song “Everybody” with my fellow actor. The music started and we launched into the song, I followed my script and dutifully died when about two verses into the song as arranged.

At this point I learned several lessons for the future in murder mystery events. Mainly, do not let the clients get involved! As I fell to the floor supposedly dead, a large German lady in a short skirt, leapt from her chair to the staged area and threw herself across my chest, one leg each side of my neck and proceeded to perform CPR. Not to be outdone, her colleague joined her with a glass of water, stood behind my head and tipped the water up my nose. Bearing in mind I am supposed to be dead already I was desperately trying not to drown and avoid a cracked rib or two.

To rapturous laughter from the audience of 100 or so people they decided they had done enough and now was the time to carry me out of the room. The other actors asked for assistance and a couple of spindly men came out of the audience and picked up a leg each. As we went I was obviously getting heavy for these two and their hands were sliding down my legs. Eager to hold on and complete the job, they clung on to my trousers and proceeded to pull them down as we were halfway across the floor and making for the door. So there I am, choking, aching ribs, bare backside heading out the door having had my first taste of the delights of what is now my living – murder mystery events!

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