An exclusive opportunity to experience what it is like to be part of an actual Crime Scene Investigation team in the hunt for a murderer!

Forensic Science is increasingly significant in the detection and prosecution of crime. This means the knowledge, skills and ability of the person who examines the scene of crime (Crime Scene Investigator) has never been more important as it is today. There are three essential elements in the investigation of a crime:

The history leading up to the offence – The crime scene itself – The skills of those investigating the crime.

In this unique Interactive Team Challenge, you will be part of the CSI TEAM utilising methods and equipment currently employed by police forces in the UK and abroad including fingerprint identification, hair, fibre and blood spatter analysis.

With meticulous attention to detail, the event is led by your host, actor Detective Chief Inspector Cove together with a Professional Scene of Crime Officer and lecturer. They will teach you the methods and technicalities of CSI, hopefully leading your team to a successful conclusion.

  • Unique team challenge
  • Instruction from genuine forensic scientists
  • Team bonding through disciplined team work
  • Tests logical thinking and observation skills
  • Improves communication skills
  • Achievement through a successful arrest

For more information or a brochure please email us to

or call us on 0800 988 1693

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